Meeting Septic Tank Regulations

Septic Tank Regulations

Meeting the septic tank regulations using the most basic Herr waste water system involving septic tanks a single reed bed and willow trees for single house with 5 residents

Area Requirements

Distance from house to Septic Tank – approx 7 m
Area of approx 3.3 m2 area for septic tank – with not less than 3.5 m3 capacity
Pumping chamber and or Herr waste water flush box – allow for approx 2 m2 area
Reed bed area of only 10 m2
Weed free foot path around edge of reed bed and flush box of not less than 1.5 m in width
Another concrete tank is required after the reed bed of not less than 2 m3 capacity
A willow plantation of 20 trees of 2 m apart in a shallow hollow is required – 10 m x 10 m

Vertical fall on the site

For a reed bed system using no pumps a vertical fall is required of 2.3 to 2.6 m after the outlet from the septic tank outlet. If the site does not have this vertical fall then
a pump will be needed. In addition the water table should be not less than 800 mm below the ground surface where the willows are growing.


A concrete block construction, plastered with a waterproof coating is required for the reed bed. This will be filled with stone and gravel. All septic tanks need to be of pre cast concrete. Footpaths should be of concrete to avoid weeds.


Preliminary documentation for planners – €150 + vat
Herr Design – diagrams and specifications – €500 + vat
Supply and installation of 3 chamber septic tanks
Herr Flush Box – €1,000 + delivery costs + vat
Concrete block construction for the reed bed
Gravel stone and sand
Single chamber clarifier tank
Costs for reeds and willows and general landscaping


Consultations / meetings in Dundalk – €150 + vat”
Consultation / meetings on your site – an additional €50 per hour travelling


Cutting and removing reeds every winter and managing the willows