Grey Water

Grey Water Treatment  Recycling in Ireland;

Using a Reed Bed to reduce Irish Water Charges

Using a small area in many suburban gardens, Grey Water can be treated in a Reed Bed. This treated water can then be reused for toilet flushing. In this way, domestic water charges can be significantly and permanently reduced. Since the cost for mains water is set to increase over the coming years, why not install an attractive reed bed in your garden to minimise your Irish Water charges.

Grey Water Recycling Ireland

Layout of Reed Bed system to treat Grey Water for recycling for toilets.

In Ireland’s urban and suburban areas there is an assumption that planning regulations require that all waste water goes to a public sewer network. So many home owners and architects in Ireland assume that on-site waste water treatment is not permitted; that in urban situations you must rely on Irish water only to treat the waste water going out of the house.

This is not so, however, in Ireland’s town and cities we are also permitted to separate grey water and treat it for re-cycling for use in toilets and gardens.

Please read the Irish Building Regulations and search the Part H Section. This covers the regulations of treating and re-using grey water to permanently reduce your mains water demand.

Furthermore, you should take assurance from the European Council Directive (91/271/EEC) which states in Article 12, Section 1 – “Treated waste water shall be reused whenever appropriate”

This gives an opportunity for home owners in Ireland to treat and recycle grey water using a Herr Reed bed system.

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