Sewage Treatment using Reed Beds

Herr Ltd offers ecological wastewater treatment solutions. We can offer a personal consultation service so that the treatment system proposal meets your family circumstances and requirements.

We supply some of the most important system components for the proper operation of reed beds. We supply the documentation to prove that our reed bed system designs are in compliance with the EPA Code of practice for domestic wastewater treatment systems.

Gardens at Grey Water Treatment Ireland

Reed beds offer a natural solution to domestic wastewater treatment that avoids the use of pumps, blowers or other electromechanical alternatives. Generally, this is possible on sites that have a sloping site of 2.4 to 5 meters.

If you are a gardener or if you compost kitchen waste at home then our reed bed system designs will probably be suitable for your lifestyle. It will take a maximum of six hours of gardening per annum to do all the reed bed maintenance work that is required.


Alternatives to the standard Septic Tank!

The Herr dry composting system for toilet solids is one way to reduce sludge removal costs from septic tanks.

Using a Reed Bed to reduce Irish Water Charges

Treating waste water with toilet flushing
Reducing Irish Water charges >>

New Septic Tank Regulations?

At a minimum, the new regulations require that one off houses have a system that is compliant with the EPA code of practice for domestic waste water treatment systems; or that the treated water is in compliance with water discharge regulations. Our reed bed systems comply in both respects.

Herr Ltd market and manufacture a range of components for self-build, home constructed reed bed treatment systems. These components are designed so they can be easily assembled, easily maintained and to have long life.

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